About Us

When PEP&JOSS was started in 1984, it was the first and only plating shop in India to do Electroless Nickel-Phosphorous plating (ENP). Started in a small shed in Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, with 2 employees, some second hand tanks, a lot of enthusiasm (or PEP) and a little bit of luck (or JOSS, like the Chinese joss sticks); today we are an industry leader with over 60 employees, our own proprietary ENP coating ( PEPCOAT) and the largest plating line for ENP in India.

After studying and working in the US for more than 8 years, Mr Paresh Patel returned, after entering into a technical collaboration with Stapleton Technologies of Long Beach, CA, USA, and established PEP&JOSS, concentrating primarily on ENP. Over the years, as business grew PEP&JOSS diversified into Electroplating, starting with simple Copper-Nickel-Chrome process ,then slowly moving into Zinc and Tin, as well as expanded its PEPCOAT repertoire by doing composite coatings like PEPCOAT -Silicon Carbide, PEPCOAT -Diamond & PEPCOAT -Teflon, continually updating plating and testing methods to keep up with the times.

It has been a policy since the early days of PEP&JOSS, that no job is too big or too small, too awkward or too difficult. We have striven to be the best-quality platers in India, and to build trust through transparency. As a result, over the last 30 years we have done a wide variety of jobs, from 1mm dia x 5 mm contact pins to 127mm dia x 12000 mm boiler tubes , from the camera assembly structures for satellites to large turbine nozzles . Our experienced and highly valued team has the ability to quickly, carefully and efficiently assess and fulfill the needs of the customer, no matter how complex or stringent.

We adhere to both ASTM & IS standards in our process (As listed in Appendix). A combination of our highly skilled work force, a stringent Quality system, our years of experience, our versatility, in-house testing facility and our time-tested proprietary plating bath system, PEPCOAT, enables us to meet and surpass the high standards our customers set for us, making PEP&JOSS the perfect one stop shop for all plating and metal finishing needs.


Electroless plating, unlike Electroplating, is a very intricate process requiring great control of process parameters. It has always been part of the philosophy of the company to train talented young locals, providing them with the necessary skill set to contribute positively to the company. This has helped us develop a highly skilled workforce (average experience : 15 years, lowest: 6 years)in both Production and QC, with a deep working knowledge of the various processes, allowing them to do conduct spot checks and internal QC, thus leading to superior quality.